2017 SciComm Students

Welcome to all the MRes BEC @mresbec and @uclbiology students on the Science Comm for Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation! We are really looking forward to your posts this term.

IMG_9572From left to right, we have Lou Sykes, Stephanie Tsola, Kate Marfleet, Meagan Bell, Ella Baxter, Claire Paulus, Robyn Kinnesley, Laura Kuurne, Ben Town, Sicily Fiennes, Naomi Berkowitz, Henry Glynn, Georgia Law, Peggy Bevan, Ben Bellekom, Wednesday Smith-Waddell, Charles Stevenson, Ben Chapple, Minhyuk Seo, Nicholas Klein, Theo Llewellyn, Alicia Thew, Noah Sheperd, Alex Mitchell, Oli Davidson, Gallina Johnsson, Jasmin Upton, Ana Silva, Emily Howland, Sarah Lovett.